Organizers Direct is your holiday organization and décor storage headquarters. From custom closets to garage cabinet organizers, we know that our systems will be sure to keep you organized and stress-free this holiday season.

The holidays are an especially joyous and hectic time of year. It is essential to have solid organizational systems in place so that holiday decorating and clean-up will be a breeze! Read on for some of our favorite holiday organizing tips.


Twinkling lights are some of the most festive and fun parts of the holidays, but no one looks forward to facing a box full of tangled lights. Follow our suggestions to keep your bulbs bright!

  • When you aren’t using the lights, wrap each strand individually around a flat piece of cardboard. Cut a small slit on one side of the cardboard to keep the lights in place.
  • Test each strand before putting it away. This way you can identify stands that don’t work or replace dead bulbs. Keep all extra bulbs and fuses together in one place.
  • Store each strand of smaller lights in its own sealed freezer bag to prevent tangling. To protect bulbs from breaking, leave some air in the bag as a cushion or pad them with bubble wrap. Stack the sealed bags in a large storage container.
  • Look at some of our customizable garage cabinets and work benches to store those containers.

Ornaments, Candles and Bows Oh My!

Christmas ornaments can be fragile and delicate family heirlooms. It is important to take special care that they be stored properly, so we can enjoy them for many years to come. For vintage or especially delicate ornaments, wrap each piece individually in acid-free tissue paper. Place each ornament carefully in a cardboard box or plastic bin. Special ornaments should be stored in a closet to prevent damage from temperature fluctuations. For sturdier ornaments, we recommend segmented cardboard organizers that can be placed in a larger storage container. Organize the boxes by color or theme for easy retrieval next year.

Candles add a festive and welcoming glow to the holidays. However, they can be easily damaged when stored in drawers. Protect each candle by wrapping it in tissue paper and then sliding a few candles into a cardboard paper towel tube. Be sure to label each tube and keep them in a temperature-controlled location to avoid opening a melted mess next year.

Resist the temptation to untie each of those picture-perfect holiday bows that are part of your holiday décor. Keep the shape of the bow by cutting cardboard tubes and wrapping the tubes in paper towels so they fit inside. Then the bows can be stored in a box or bin.

We hope that our suggestions will inspire you to get organized for the holidays. Find an Organizers Direct dealer near you today that can create your dream home organization system!