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Interior Design Trends


Design trends are the cornerstone of any interior design journey, from picking paint colors to accent furniture pieces; a lot goes into the design of a home. So it’s important to analyze design trends and decide which ones speak to you.

Follow our lead as we take you through the most popular interior design trends happening now.


In a time where everyone is focused on health and wellness, the idea that home design and décor may help your mental and physical well-being has never been more explored. Here are some ways you can promote wellness in your home.

With color: Hues of blue have been known to promote tranquility without dullness. Use a muted blue to create this tranquil space, or use a brighter blue to improve your mood. You can also use other bright colors such as yellow, green, or orange to promote increased mood.

With design: Simplicity is key for wellness in your home. A disorganized home can lower self-esteem while also creating more housework, dirt, and dust. Simplify your space by creating a place for everything that you use, while disposing or donating the items you don’t use.

With lighting: Lighting is incredibly important to the utility of your home. Most homes do not have adequate lighting, and with that comes decreased mood and trouble sleeping. How do we fix this? Start by adding warm LED lighting to the rooms that you most frequent: your home office, pantry, living room, or bedroom.


Color has such a large impact on home design & décor. The colors of the year for 2021 will inspire you to take risks with décor and accent colors. Here are three of the colors hand-picked by some of the best in the industry for 2021:

Pantone: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating

Pantone rarely chooses two colors for their color of the year, but decided that this combination held the most meaning. Ultimate Gray is slightly warm-toned and pairs nicely with Illuminating, a bright yellow with more pigment than a yellow highlighter.

Our tip: Use Illuminating as an accent wall color or accent décor color, while using Ultimate Gray as a base to match with other warm-toned colors.

Benjamin Moore: Aegean Teal

Benjamin Moore, a leader in the paint industry, chose Aegean Teal because of its calming nature. Even with it’s cool toned base, something about this color brings ease and harmony into your space.

Our tip: Place Aegean Teal in rooms where you need more calm – the bedroom, laundry room, & bathroom are all great ideas.

Sherwin-Williams: Urbane Bronze

Sherwin-Williams, a manufacturing staple, elected Urbane Bronze for color of the year. It is a bold neutral that was picked for its ability to combine with many other shades, while also providing a serene atmosphere to any room in your home.

Our tip: If you have a room that needs a color change and your goal is coziness, Urbane Bronze will help you achieve that warm, homey feeling.


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