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Interior Design Trends


Design trends are the cornerstone of any interior design journey, from picking paint colors to accent furniture pieces; a lot goes into the design of a home. So it’s important to analyze design trends and decide which ones speak to you.

Follow our lead as we take you through the most popular interior design trends happening now.


In a time where everyone is focused on health and wellness, the idea that home design and décor may help your mental and physical well-being has never been more explored. Here are some ways you can promote wellness in your home.

With color: Hues of blue have been known to promote tranquility without dullness. Use a muted blue to create this tranquil space, or use a brighter blue to improve your mood. You can also use other bright colors such as yellow, green, or orange to promote increased mood.

With design: Simplicity is key for wellness in your home. A disorganized home can lower self-esteem while also creating more housework, dirt, and dust. Simplify your space by creating a place for everything that you use, while disposing or donating the items you don’t use.

With lighting: Lighting is incredibly important to the utility of your home. Most homes do not have adequate lighting, and with that comes decreased mood and trouble sleeping. How do we fix this? Start by adding warm LED lighting to the rooms that you most frequent: your home office, pantry, living room, or bedroom.


Color has such a large impact on home design & décor. The colors of the year for 2022 will inspire you to take risks with décor and accent colors. Here are three of the colors hand-picked by some of the best in the industry for 2022:

Pantone: Very Peri

For the first time in history Pantone has created a color for their Color of the Year program. Very Peri is a warm toned periwinkle, featuring red-violet undertones and blue hues to create a magical color perfect for any space in the home. Although complex, this color is meant to evoke innovation and calm, while inspiring us to embrace our creative spirit.

Our tip: Use Very Peri anywhere in your home that you have neutral furniture to add a pop of color. This color is meant to create dimension within a room and you can’t go wrong pairing it with complimentary jewel tones like navy blue.

Benjamin Moore: October Mist

Benjamin Moore, a leader in the paint industry, chose October Mist as their 2022 Color of the Year. October Mist is a true sage green that mimics stems and vines found in nature; making it a perfect compliment to any color or style. This color is neutral enough to work in any room of your home while adding serenity and tranquility through it’s muted tones.

Our tip: If you want to bring the outdoors in, use this color alongside woodgrains to enhance it’s natural earthy tones.

Dunn Edwards: Art & Craft

Art & Craft is an understated color that was inspired by the artisans and academia in history. Like many of the colors for 2022, this color represents rebirth in your home, and the act of transforming your space into a place you love to live. Art & Craft is a warm-toned cinnamon brown and is a new take on the earth toned colors of the time.

Our tip:  For a modern take on a warm brown tone in your home; pair it with black accents.