The decorations are up, parties are planned, and family is coming into town (or off to Grandmother’s house you go)! Avoid wading through a sea of stuff with a custom closet so you get ready for all the celebrations and merriment. Our closet organizing tips will help you to form a solid organizational system that will help you get dressed for any occasion quickly. Follow our plan and you will be sure to start your day off right, without a pile of clothes waiting for you at home to put away.

Edit Your Wardrobe

If you find yourself frequently thinking “I have nothing to wear” then it may be time to edit your existing wardrobe. If most of your clothes are dated, worn out or don’t fit properly, then it can be overwhelming and can prevent you from seeing all your wearable items.

Ask a friend whose style you admire to go through your wardrobe with you. Be sure to pick a friend who will be honest with you if something genuinely does not work. Try on any pieces you are unsure about and you will end up saving a lot of time in the future.

It also always feels good to donate clothing to a local charity or resale shop. There are also numerous places online to sell clothing and accessories.

Outfit Inspiration Gallery

Install a series of hooks or a rack to serve as an outfit inspiration gallery. Take advantage of all of the space in your closet with perfectly placed hardware take a look at our great custom closet accessory options here). This system works whether you choose to design reach-in closet organizers a walk-in closet. When you have a moment, choose a few pieces that you want to wear to an event or for the days ahead. This way, you can use those pieces to spark an idea for the perfect outfit.

Prep Makes Perfect

In order to get out the door quickly, it makes sense to prep in advance. Putting together an outfit before you need it will ensure that you have the perfect look without the pressure of a time crunch. If you have an especially busy week (or lots of holiday events to attend), pick out a few potential outfits in advance so you can grab and go on the day of the occasion. As long as you have a few outfits ready, it’s easy to decide on the day of the event which outfit will suit you best. Curated options will keep you on time and ensure that your outfit looks polished.

Organize by Separates

It can be helpful to organize your closet in terms of separate pieces. Think about your custom closet in terms of pants, dresses, shirts, suits, and any other categories you find to be helpful. Then you can build your outfit item by item. Getting dressed will be organized when all the pieces fit together like a puzzle instead of a jumbled pile.  Be sure to color code from light to dark in each clothing category.

Hopefully our tried-and-true organizational strategies can help you get dressed quickly and keep you ready to tackle whatever your day has in store! Contact us to learn more about our dealer program or to find your local Organizers Direct representative today.