When it comes to home organization, we are dedicated to ensuring every item has its rightful place in the home. We know that when life starts to pick up, especially going into the holiday season, it’s easy to become disorganized and wonder how you’ll ever get back to normal. What you can do before the craziness starts, is to declutter ten things in your home right now. Clear the way for more love in your home with less stuff.

  1. Old Paper

Day after day you have mail delivered, but let’s face it: no one is perfect when it comes to sifting through each envelope as it comes through the mail slot. Through the years, it’s normal for unread magazines and newspapers to pile up in random places in your home. Start by finally throwing away old copies that you’ll never read again. This also goes for things like newspapers and calendars are out-of-date.


  1. Kitchen Cabinets & Drawers

Drawers and cabinets are some of the most notorious culprits of home clutter. It’s easy to shove things into a drawer and forget about them over time. This job might seem hard to tackle, but it’ll be pretty easy with the right organization techniques. Start by getting rid of anything you have multiples of. Next, go through the spice cabinets and the pantry and throw away any expired foods. Finally, get rid of the junk drawer that’s full of pens, school work and miscellaneous supplies. If it’s called a “junk drawer,” you’ll likely be able to part with its contents.


  1. The Refrigerator

This should be done as regularly as possible, including clearing out expired food and washing out Tupperware containers with mysterious leftovers in them. Right before the holidays, or any time you have guests staying a prolonged period of time, you should take everything out of the fridge and wipe down surfaces, doors and drawers.


  1. Outgrown Toys and Books

Go through your children’s rooms and evaluate what they actually use on a daily basis. Kids grow like crazy, and so do their tastes. It’s a good idea to consolidate their books, toys, and clothes. Donate what they aren’t using anymore for a more organized bedroom.


  1. Entertainment Center

The living room attracts a lot of clutter as well simply due to the amount of time the family typically spends there. Most people will find old remotes, cords and movies tucked away in drawers. This space desperately needs to be cleaned out because it can fill up quickly, especially with upcoming holiday decorations making their way into the home. If you don’t know what a cord is used for, and it’s not a universal cord, then it’s time to part ways with it. Be sure to dispose of batteries correctly if any dead ones are found.


  1. Dingy Bathroom Contents

Just like the kitchen, our bathrooms usually have ample drawers and cabinets that allow us to hide away items. These piles can include expired makeup, old bath and shower products as well as dried up nail polish. This is also a great time to evaluate your towels and bathmats. If they look dingy or stained, it’s time to purchase a new set. You can keep the old towels for cleaning purposes or donate them to a nearby animal shelter to help keep stray pets warm while they wait for their forever homes. Consider this your excuse to redecorate!


  1. Master Bedroom Closet

Your master bedroom could use some love as well, but these decluttering fixes can be quick. Start by clearing out all the old wire hangers that you have held onto for way too long. Most of the time, dry cleaners will take them back so they can be reused. Other surface fixes include getting rid of outdated or damaged clothing. If you haven’t worn it in over a year, it’s time to get rid of it.


  1. Home Office

It’s time to reconsider your home office space to help you transition seamlessly into a productive workday free from distraction. A quick skim of just the surfaces of this room is often enough to declutter the space. Consider cord management systems and neat little trays to hold smaller items like pens or paperclips. Throw away things that don’t work and file projects that have been sitting out for a while. A clean space will help you transition back into your home life at the end of the day, too. That’s a win-win situation!


  1. Linen Closet

This is another space that should be evaluated before guests come to visit. If they’re staying overnight, make sure you have freshly laundered linens that you wouldn’t mind sleeping on yourself. Throw away sheets that are stained or worn, as well as flimsy or lumpy pillows. Replace these items before your guests come so they feel right at home.


  1. Garage

The garage is a standard resting place for anything that is broken or is only needed occasionally. It’s time to get rid of every broken tool, unused sports equipment and lawn care devices that no longer work. Look through cabinets and determine what else is unusable, including dried cans of paint or camping gear that hasn’t been used in several years.

The decluttering process doesn’t have to take days or weeks. Simple projects like these will help you clear out items that you simply don’t want or need anymore. For a custom home organization system that you can rely on, find a dealer near you!