In a recent report published by Pixie, a smartphone app dedicated to helping people find lost items, researchers discovered that the average person spends two and half days of each year looking for lost items. Living without organization systems in place is costly, adding up to 2.7 billion dollars in replacement fees for lost items. Organizers Direct dealers can help you find home organization systems that will save you time and money in the long run.

Entryway Storage

In the “Lost and Found Survey” conducted by Pixie, the most misplaced items were the ones that are dropped as soon as you walk into your home. This includes your keys, wallet, phone and

sunglasses. The need for easily accessible storage in your entryway is of utmost importance to keep track of these items. We recommend mudroom organization systems that can be used by the entire family. Start by understanding the layout of your space. If you have room right by the door, a counter with cabinets or shelving creates the perfect surface for dropping your everyday essentials. We also offer various accessories that are made with families in mind. Install pull-out baskets, hooks and drawers to create storage space for various belongings. Entryway storage makes for organized nights and streamlined mornings with everything is in its rightful place.

Garage Storage

Due to the extra space in your garage, it’s easy to dump things and deal with them later. Unfortunately, this organization system rarely works out in our favor. The garage is a great place to store things like holiday decorations, sports equipment and lawn care tools, but there should be storage solutions set up to avoid losing items on shelves. Our dealers are highly experienced in maximizing the available storage in your garage and making sure there is room for everything you need to hide away. Full-length garage cabinets and shelving, as well as workbenches with storage underneath, are great additions to any style garage. Our cabinets are full-width and don’t need center support beams. Everything you need to store will fit and be easily accessible when you need it. As the seasons come and go, don’t waste time digging through piles of sports equipment or fall home décor. Let us set up efficient storage solutions in your garage.

Tips to Keep Track of your Items

Belongings are bound to go missing at some point or another, but that doesn’t mean it has to happen frequently. Build positive habits and hold on to the items you need most by working the following into your daily routine:

  • Create a go-to place for commonly-used items like your keys, phone and wallet. Try leaving notes to remind yourself to check this spot for your belongings on a regular basis. Eventually, it will become second nature to drop these items in the same place every day.
  • Put a decorative tray in your living room as a designated entertainment control center. Make sure everyone in the family knows to put all remotes back on the tray when they’re finished watching TV. This will save you from digging through couch cushions.
  • Invest in a smartphone app with Bluetooth tiles that can track your belongings if they do go missing.
  • Keep your home clutter-free. Less clutter means less room for your keys to hide in. Keep your most used areas organized with help from an Organizers Direct dealer near you.
  • Double-check until you don’t have to anymore. Always check your pockets or purse to ensure you have your essentials before leaving your house or work. This will help you locate items that could be deemed lost in the future.

Don’t fall victim to the lost items in your house. Let our professional and creative dealers install home organization systems that will help you keep track of your most used items. To get started on your next storage solution, find a dealer near you.