The laundry room is an area in your house where functionality equals productivity. Keeping the laundry space clean and organized will make your daily tasks seem like less of a hassle. According to Wrinkle Free Delivery, 17 minutes are spent doing laundry each day by the average American. With this statistic in mind, invest in a laundry room organization system to make the room functional.

Create A Folding Station

Incorporating a folding station into your laundry room will create an organized space to separate, fold, and store clothing. If your clothes remain in one designated spot while working on laundry, the laundry room will remain functional and clean. A folding station can be a simple countertop space, a portable worktable, or a mounted folding table on the wall. The type of folding station you decide to include in your laundry room organization system should rest on the room size and the amount of laundry you have to do per week.

Store Laundry Baskets Out Of Sight

Laundry baskets are an average laundry room item that can take up lots of space if not organized. A quick and effective way to remedy this disorganization is storing the laundry baskets in a designated spot that is out of sight. For many, laundry room baskets are placed under their folding stations. The folding station area is convenient for swiftly grabbing a laundry basket when needed. Laundry baskets stored under the folding station can also be handy for quickly putting away laundry baskets after color sorting, folding, and storing clothing.

Install A Laundry Hanging Rack

A laundry hanging rack can serve two purposes. First, the laundry hanging rack can be a convenient place to hang dry and clean clothing. Secondly, the laundry hanging rack can be convenient for those who decide to air-dry their clothing. By having the laundry hanging rack close to the washing machine, the wet clothes will not need to be carted to a separate area to dry. Having all the work in one space to finish your laundry will make the task go by quicker.

The laundry room is an essential space in your home where you will spend lots of time. Since laundry is unavoidable, take the time today to implement a laundry room organization system into your laundry space. This organized space will make your life seem more efficient and systematic. Organizers Direct can help you create the laundry room you’ve always needed!