Closets can easily become just another pile of clothes if you don’t have a good organizational system. This appears to have already happened to a lot of people since according to the Newport Daily News reports, a ClosetMaid survey found that 57% of women think having a better-organized closet will help them find the items they’re looking for. It is possible to organize a typical flat wall closet, but for optimal searchability, walk-in custom closet systems offer better benefits.

1. More Space

First of all, that walk-in closet is going to have a lot more space than a regular one-row wall closet. The walk-in version can be anything from a very small room only a few feet across to something that rivals department store dressing rooms. Whatever the size, though, that extra space is a blessing that allows you to spread out and display what you own. You get to see everything instead of having much of your clothing smashed into the corners of a one-row closet.

2. More Customization

With space comes opportunity. Because you have that extra space, you can install racks, shelves, and drawers to your heart’s content (as long as they fit in the closet). If you want two separate skirt racks, one for long skirts and one for short skirts, you can install it. If you want a cabinet with shelves that display all of your shoes, you can have it. You get to play with the space and design something that will help you find every piece of clothing you need, very quickly. You’ll have the organizational system of your dreams.

3. More Available Lighting

A change you’ll notice when you graduate from having a one-row wall closet to having a walk-in closet is that the space allows for much better lighting. Many basic closets don’t have light, and they don’t really have room for lamps other than those small dome-shaped lights that you press to turn on. Walk-in custom closet systems tend to have one light in their most basic form, but you can customize light installation and placement when you design the closet. Whether you want a spotlight on a jewelry section or simply add a second overhead light toward the back of the closet, you’ll have the custom light set-up you need.

Custom closet systems provide a clean, neat environment in which you can find what you need easily. You’ll find there are so many more benefits to having a custom walk-in closet. Give us a call today so we can get started designing the closet you’ve always wanted!