It’s not unusual for the garage to turn into a chaotic space since it’s most often used for storage space in the home. While they’re designed to store our cars, many people use them to store valuable equipment and tools. Over time, reorganizing the garage and clearing up the mess can become daunting. According to Goodwill, about half of all homeowners believe their garage is the messiest place in their house. Fortunately, the idea of decluttering your garage doesn’t have to be so difficult with the following garage storage solutions.

Add a Floating Shelf

There’s only so much floor room in a garage, especially if you’re keeping cars inside. Infrequently used equipment such as shop vacuums and foldable picnic tables can be stored on a full metal shelf hanging from the ceiling, freeing up room in your garage.

Add Peggboards for Wall Organization

Pegboards are convenient for organizing your garage and can be placed practically anywhere. They’re ideal for storing equipment behind a workstation or installing a coat and bag rack near your front entrance.

Install Overhead Storage

The finest garages make the most of the available space without adding to the clutter. You stand to miss out on precious storage space if you’re not using the ceiling space. An easy way to use ceiling space is to install overhead storage racks to keep baggage, seasonal sports equipment, pet carriers, and other objects out of the way.

Using Storage Cabinets

Since there is no defined location for storing smaller objects out of sight, the issue of organization in a garage can often seem like quite the task. Taking advatange of cabinets with shelves and doors in the area is one of the best garage storage solutions and can be a terrific option that is affordable and simple.

Set Up a Dedicated Workzone

If you enjoy DIY projects, transforming a space in your garage into a useful and well-organized work zone can be transformative. Instead of tossing your equipment across your garage and setting up a workstation anywhere, dedicate a section of your garage to your “shop.”

Store and Charge Tools in One Spot

Since garages are often used as a catch-all for equipment, it’s probable that you’ll be searching for a charger or conflating battery packs between power drills. By storing and charging all of your tools in one location, you can eliminate the possibility of disorganization as a result of your tools.

Use Storage Containers

Putting tools and miscellaneous objects into plastic storage containers is another one of the best garage storage solutions. Use labels on the exterior of each container, even if they’re see-through, can help to make it easier to discover goods.

These are just a few of the most common and useful garage storage solutions. Need further help with organizing and decluttering your garage? Contact us right away here at Organizers Direct!