According to Amazing Goodwill, about 80% of clutter is not caused by space issues but by a lack of organization. Organized spaces boost confidence, improve productivity, promote positive energy, and minimize accidents, diseases, and pests. To take the pressure off this overwhelming activity, hire the services of a professional closet organizer company.

Organizer Installations

A closet organizer company can design different types and sizes of organizers. They can build anything from tiny to walk-in closets to sufficiently manage your spaces. Suppose your garage appears to be a bit too messy. Consider employing the services of a closet organizer company. They provide systems to organize your garage intelligently, accommodating every one of your desires for the space.

Space Repurposing

Aside from creating new designs, consulting with their expertise will open your mind to ways you can repurpose the space you already have. These companies can install built-in cabinets or overhead storage units to fit your space perfectly and make storage easier. Dad can get space for his workbench and his work tools, and Mom gets space for her gardening tools.

Accessories and Finishes

A big plus to reaching out to a professional closet organizer company is that they create organized spaces using quality material. Organizers Direct, for instance, features scratch-free cabinet designs with modern finishes and accessories. Additions such as 3-way hooks, velveteen, closet poles, tie racks, and shelf fences are small but have a powerful long-term effect in maintaining a decluttered environment.


After decluttering, wash your clothes and wipe down dirty surfaces to give yourself a fresh start—vacuum and mop the floors to remove residual dust. Be sure to get rid of any torn or broken items. Donate things you stopped using or hold a yard sale to get some cash back from your junk.

Consulting with a closet organizer company includes an in-house visit to assess the clutter and available space, listen to ideas and offer recommendations. They may show you 3D design plans and incorporate any changes you want before finalizing the order and setting convenient installation dates. A good company will do the installations and wipe down the construction debris, so you do not have to worry about it. All you will have to do is fill the space with your possessions and clothes.


If you are struggling with a cluttered home, call Organizers Direct today, and we will give you a complimentary in-home design consultation with expert designers to get you back into more organized and clutter-free spaces.