Your garage is most likely one of the most underutilized spaces in your home, but it doesn’t have to be! You can increase the overall function of your garage by adding a few key features to the space. According to Ponderosa Garage Doors, 360 square feet is the average amount of space in a two-car garage. Here are a few tips that can help you turn your underutilized garage into the ultimate organized space.

Insulate Your Garage

One of the ways that you can turn your garage into the ultimate space is by insulating it. Insulation helps to make your garage a little warmer in the winter and a little cooler in the winter. Controlling the temperature in your garage is ideal if you want to use your garage as an exercise space, wood workshop, or studio. When paired with a garage storage solution, insulation also helps to keep the items stored in your garage safe and protected from extreme temperatures.

Coat the Concrete Floors

Another way that you can turn your garage into the ultimate lounge space is by coating your concrete floors. You can use epoxy, polyurethane, or acid etching to transform the look and feel of the concrete floors in your garage. Coating your floors helps to improve the appearance of the floors, while also helping to extend the lifespan of your concrete floors. Coating concrete also helps to fill in the pores in the concrete, preventing liquids from absorbing into the concrete, causing stains or discoloration.

Invest in Garage Storage Solutions

The final tip to help turn your garage into the ultimate space is to add a garage storage solution to your space. A garage storage solution provides you with the space you need to store items in your garage. This may include shelving units, cabinets, drawers, or hanging solutions. A storage solution also helps you to maximize the vertical wall space in the garage, helping you to maximize the amount of space you have in your garage.

By taking the time to insulate your garage, coat the concrete floors, and add in a garage storage solution, you can help increase the function of your space. Are you ready to take the first step toward the garage of your dreams? Call Organizers Direct today to get started with our innovative garage storage solutions.