The garage is the last place in the house that homeowners think to remodel because no one ever sees it, right? Wrong! You and your family see it every day! You deserve a space that is well-organized and enjoyable to come home to. Show your garage some love this Summer with a much-needed makeover.

Garage remodels can be large tasks to set aside time for. The good news is, everything you could possibly need for your home improvement project is in one place: Organizers Direct. We offer everything from big undertakings, like floor coverings, to minute details, like storage accessories. Here’s a list of our state of the art, garage products that will take your space from cluttered to clean.

Garage Cabinets

The most important role of your garage cabinets is to protect your belongings from water, debris, and pests. Our custom cabinets are securely mounted off the floor, so no harm will come to your Halloween decorations you count on breaking out every year in pristine condition. Our garage cabinets come with all the bells and whistles you need as well, like adjustable shelves, steel hinges, optional sliding doors and drum roll please… a lifetime guarantee! Both of our laminating options are environment resistant too, so you’re protected if garage sees flooding or debris from a storm

Cabinet Colors

We offer nine color options for your custom garage cabinets. It’s impossible to go wrong with any of the shades, however, we encourage you to go bold and bright. Our red, powder-coated option will breathe new life into your space, guaranteed.


When we think high-quality garage flooring, we think high shine. We offer an epoxy flooring system that uses a three-layer application process for longevity and a high gloss sparkle. Our flooring options are slip and chip resistant and cleaning is as easy as 1-2-3. Just fire up the hose and spray away any debris that might be left behind by your vehicle.


Garage organization can be tricky since everything and the kitchen sink is probably sprawled about your space as we speak. The key? To get everything off the floor and mounted on the walls. We suggest our ribbed wall panels and slat wall garage accessories: a match made in heaven. Our steel grid wall, hooks, and baskets will hang seamlessly off your garage walls. They’ll be the perfect place to store tools, cleaning supplies, fold away chairs, sports gear, etc.

Start on your design project by locating an Organizers Direct Dealer in your area today!