Paint is a powerful thing. The colors we bring into our home affect our everyday mood drastically. You may not be aware of it, but your body and mind have reactions to seeing colors. The intensity of a certain color can either stimulate your brain or soothe the mind. Before you even start to think about a painting project, make sure your house is tidy and organized with our storage solutions. After all, there is nothing that calms the mind more than a clean house.

We’ve put together a guide of the best colors to paint each room in your home. Find out how you can be inspired and productive in your office and instantly Zen when you plop down in your living room or bedroom.

Calming paint colors

  • Blue. Blue is known to be the most relaxing color on the wheel. Tranquil and cooling, blue creates a sense of peace. Stick to soft, muted blues for a calming effect. Bright blues are overly stimulating.
  • Green. A forest or diluted green is associated with nature and being outdoors. It makes sense that this color would put us at ease. Use more subdued shades of green when choosing a paint color.
  • Tan. A beautiful neutral creates warmness and a sense of safety. A camel or yellow-based reminds us of candlelight, which is cozy and inviting.
  • White. This one is tricky since a bright white feels clinical and chilling and a dull white can be a downer. Stick to creamy, warm whites for a comforting and serene ambiance.

Calming paint colors work best in living rooms and bedrooms since these are the rooms where you want to wind down the day.

Stimulating paint colors

  • Purple. This color is bold, we know. Lilacs and lavenders are muted and chic alternatives to a bright plum and will complement any room. Associated with fantasy and mystery, purple will boost creativity and help you to think outside the box.
  • Orange. A bright color like orange will stimulate the mind, no doubt. We suggest pairing orange and blue together since they are complementary opposites on the color wheel. This creates harmony and balance. A muted, terracotta orange and a cool, light blue will be a beautiful color combination for your space.

Colors that encourage inspiration should be used in home offices and laundry rooms, two places where motivation is a necessity. While you’re improving these spaces, make sure to install our home office accessories and laundry room organizers to help your space reach its full potential.

 Gleeful colors

  • Yellow. Associated with cheeriness and positivity, any shade of yellow will instantly make you happier. We recommend a light, lemony shade for 2019.
  • Gray. This one is for rainy day lovers. Living in Arizona, homeowners don’t see a lot of gray skies. A light gray can increase energy for some and provide a sense of balance and mindfulness.

These colors are best in kitchens and closets since these tend to be the rooms where people want to feel the happiest. Check out our pantry organizers and closet accessories and storage solutions so you can be ready to breathe new life into the space.

Make your home a space of creativity, relaxation, and joy with these stylish paint colors. Locate a dealer today to learn more about our storage solutions so you can enjoy every aspect of your house!