Whether you’re a professional cook or just love to bake, Organizers Direct can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Our pantry organization systems are all custom designed and installed to maximize space. Eliminate clutter and create functional storage with our pantry tips!

Matching Containers

Whether you use oversized mason jars or acrylic canisters, matching containers create an orderly appearance inside your pantry. Clear containers are perfect for bulk foods like baking supplies, rice, oatmeal and cereal. The original packaging for these items varies in size, so its difficult to organize them in a tidy way. Transfer these items to matching containers to make them easier to find and organize.


Labels Galore

With dry goods in new containers, it’s easy to take your pantry organization system to the next level with convenient labels. This can come in handy, especially for spices and different grains that are easily mistaken for one another. One of our favorite labeling methods uses chalkboard stickers. That way, if you can clean out the container and use it for something else, you will be able to erase the label and quickly repurpose the jar.


Organize Items into Zones

Designated zones in your pantry will help everyone in the family stay organized. Start with combining like items such as breakfast cereal, baking supplies, spices and canned goods. Start with zones catered toward kids so they can quickly grab items when they’re packing a lunch or reaching for a snack. This puts parents in control of what their kids see. Encourage healthy snacks and advocate for smart choices by adding nutritious foods to their pantry zone. Weekly meal prep can also have its own zone so busy families can enjoy an easy meal together without the hassle. Label drawers or baskets Monday through Friday and store all the dry ingredients you need for that meal in the basket. Establishing zones keeps your pantry – and your day-to-day life – in order.


Adjustable Shelving

As your family grows, so should your pantry organizers. We offer custom pantry shelving systems that are adjustable to fit anything you need to store in your space. Over the years, your needs will change. Don’t get stuck with a fixed organization system that no longer serves your purposes. Our shelves can be moved around with ease to accommodate small appliances and extra food storage for hungry teenagers.


Drawers for Easy Storage

Our dealers offer different types of drawers to house anything you need to store in your pantry. Our built-in drawers offer coverage to hide away linens or Tupperware. Scoop front drawers are great for smaller items like spices and plastic cutlery for parties. We also have metal baskets that parents can use for snacks and other miscellaneous items. These are great for kids because they can see through the metal and don’t have to dig around for the item they want.

Other pantry accessories can be installed to maximize your space, including:

  • Canned good storage
  • Slide-out spice racks
  • Slide-out wine racks
  • Slide-out baskets
  • Custom cabinets


A custom pantry organization system creates peace of mind and makes cooking a breeze! Don’t spend any more time sifting through your pantry looking for a specific ingredient. Let our dealers create a space you’re happy to work out of. Locate a dealer nearest you to receive a free in-home consultation.