Don’t let your closet system simply be a place to house your clothes. A well-organized space in your bedroom can be a source of relaxation after a long day and the perfect place to express your creativity. One of the best ways to finish the final look of a newly installed closet is investing in high-quality and matching clothes hangers. This will not only look nice, but it will protect your belongings and ensure they last for as long as they’re in style.

Whether you have an abundance of wire hangers from the dry cleaners or an assortment of plastic hangers you’ve collected through the years, it’s time to upgrade. All these random hangers are creating a mess in your closet and they often damage clothes by misshaping them while they’re being stored.

Why Matching Hangers Help

If you’ve recently had a custom closet organization system installed in your reach-in or walk-in closet, but it doesn’t look as nice as photos you’ve seen online, don’t fret. It’s not your clothes; it’s your hangers. Complete your final project with uniform hangers that will offer you many benefits, including:

  • Create identical shape for all clothes
  • Hung at the same height for a uniform look
  • Saves space in smaller closets
  • Easier than ever to find your favorite pieces

Not All Hangers Are Made Equally

It’s not time to go shopping just yet! Simply heading to the store and buying matching hangers is easier said than done. Once you have your closet system installed, you should take pride in this space and invest in hangers that match the quality of your new organization installation. There are so many different hangers in stores today and each is made of its own unique materials. Certain hangers will shape shirts correctly, while others will snag delicate blouses. Choosing the correct hangers depends on the size and shape of your clothing as well as your budget and personal taste.


Wire hangers are great for unlocking your car when the keys are stuck inside, and they’re great for unclogging the kitchen sink. Oddly enough, wire hangers should really only be used at the dry cleaners. Wire hangers lose their shape quickly and the sharp edges can easily snag delicate clothing items. We recommend transferring your dry cleaning to permanent hangers so you can bring the wire hangers back to the dry cleaners during your next visit. Most cleaners will happily reuse hangers.


Plastic hangers are an inexpensive option for those seeking a beautiful and uniform closet look. Most stores sell these hangers in packs, which come in various colors, including white and black. Usually they only come in adult and child sizes, so there’s not an opportunity to find hangers that fit your clothes. These hangers are inexpensive, but they offer very little support for your heavier items like formal dresses, coats or suits. Plastic hangers are a great way to organize your child or teen’s closet but should be upgraded once you buy higher quality clothing items that need special care.


Velvet hangers are a recent trend in closet organization. They grew to popularity due to the modern design, fun colors, and functionality. Velvet hangers come in the traditional triangle shape, are covered in a thin layer of velvet and feature a sleek metal hanger. The velvet works to hug clothing, even tops with thin straps, so you never have to find a shirt on the floor again. These save space with their thin design but can be a hassle to use due to the way your clothes will grip the velvet.


Of all clothes hanger materials, we are most fond of wood hangers because they offer the most support and create a stylish appearance in every closet. You can find wood in natural colors, as well as painted to create a more modern look. Multiple companies specialize in making wood hangers that come in multiple sizes that truly fit the clothes they hold. There are hangers with broad ends that hold the shape of your coat or suit, and shirt hangers are curved to help your shirts hold their “off the model” look.

Help your new closet system look its very best by investing in matching hangers that look great and protect clothing. Finding the right hangers for your wardrobe requires some research, but your clothes will thank you.

To learn more about custom closet systems, find a dealer near you to request a free in-home consultation.