The closets in a child’s room can hold more than just clothing. Custom closet systems can be designed to store a child’s clothing, toys, books, and shoes. However, one of the mistakes that parents make is not upgrading their closet systems as their child grows or ages. Here are some of the questions you may have about upgrading your child’s closet along with the answers.

Why Should You Have Custom Closet Systems for Your Child?

Closets can hold a lot of items. But, most closets feature one horizontal bar to hold clothing and that is it. This does not maximize the amount of space in the closet. A closet system is designed to maximize the space in a closet, giving your child space to hang clothes and store other items, such as toys and books. This helps a child’s space to feel more organized and can help to free up space in a smaller room.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Child’s Closet?

Many custom closet solutions for children place storage bars in the closet based on the size of a child’s clothing. If you have a toddler, their clothing is nowhere near as long as your clothing, and as such, additional bars, cubes or storage solutions can be used. But, as your child ages, their clothing size increases, and their clothing may need more room. This is a tell-tale sign that the closet system needs to be upgraded.

How Often Should You Upgrade a Child’s Closet Systems?

According to NewFolks, the average American child needs nine sets of clothes. They also need different clothing based on the season and as they grow. If your child has grown about three or four sizes since their custom closet system was installed, it may be time to have the unit upgraded or altered based on the new size of your child’s clothing.

Most custom closet systems are designed with the size of your child’s clothing in mind. However, as your child grows and the size of their clothing grows, they may need more space for those larger clothes and less space for items such as toys and stuffed animals. As such, the closet system should be upgraded. If you are looking to have a new closet system installed or you need to upgrade an existing system, our team can help. Call Organizer’s Direct today for a consultation!

Posted: May 5