Do you ever feel like your garage is a never-ending cycle of clutter and disorganization? You’re not alone. According to Goodwill, more than 50% of homeowners state that their garage is the most disorganized room in their home. So, this begs the question of what to do about it. We’ve got you covered. Below we’ve listed five garage storage solutions to take back your space: track system, wall shelves, bike ceiling storage, overhead storage rack, and metal shelves. Review these choices below and consider which solutions best fit you and your needs.

1. Implement a Track System

A track system is a great storage solution if you have lots of gardening equipment like shovels, hedge clippers, and rakes that need to be off the floor. Additionally, this organization method can easily store your strollers, golf bags, baseball equipment, and more. The track system will sturdily hold all of these items and create an easily accessible system with its adjustable hooks and grips.

2. Add Wall Shelves

If you’re looking for a way to store your household items without taking up flooring space in your garage, installing wall shelves is the way to go. After building these shelves, you can easily personalize them with storage bins of various sizes. Putting labels on these bins and organizing them based on use can also be a great way to use the wall shelves to their potential.

3. Install Bike Ceiling Storage

Bicycles are a common garage item that can take up quite a lot of space. With this said, if you have bikes, installing bike ceiling storage is a must-have. This ceiling storage gadget has easy-to-use hooks that will effortlessly hang any bike type and size. Plus, you can easily adjust the heights of these hooks to ensure the appropriate size for your garage.

4. Add an Overhead Storage Rack

Overhead storage tacks are ingenious garage storage solutions for individuals who want to store their holiday decorations and bulky clothing items in this space. The overhead storage racks are easy to install and can be adjusted for height, similar to a bike ceiling storage system.

5. Purchase Metal Shelves

Lining up your garage walls with metal shelving may be the perfect solution if you want a storage system that is easy to use and reach. Many metal shelves made for garage use have large compartments on the bottom and small ones on top.

Review these various garage storage solutions above and consider which would be most beneficial in your garage. Then, contact our local professionals at Organizers Direct to help install these in your garage today!