Laundry seems to pile up and multiply out of nowhere, so we know that a solid laundry room organization system is crucial to keeping your family and home happy and healthy. We want to help you learn to love laundry day with a streamlined system that will make you smile. You’ll be the envy of all your friends with a laundry room that stays neat and tidy. Keep reading for tips on how to make doing laundry easier and more efficient.

Missing Sock Solutions

Solve the case of the missing sock! Create a space specifically to place wayward socks. Either designate and label a basket for socks without a mate or hang them on small pegs affixed to the wall. This way when you find the other sock, you will know just where to look to complete the pair. If you want to avoid the search altogether, invest in some laundry bags and wash all your socks in one bag. We also recommend laundry bags for delicate items and for pieces of clothing with intricate detailing to protect them from the wear and tear of the washer.


Some items just don’t smell very fresh, even after washing. A natural remedy for this is to use white vinegar in place of fabric softener. The acid is powerful enough to cut through the odor and remaining residue on tough to clean items. You can also clean your washing machine with vinegar as well to get rid of that musty smell. Even if your washer doesn’t have an odor, it is still a good idea to clean it regularly with vinegar. Simply fill the detergent compartment with white vinegar and run a load with only hot water, no clothing. This is a great, natural solution to some common laundry problems!

Stylish Storage

When it comes to the laundry room, space and storage are at a premium. With a custom laundry room storage solution from Organizers Direct, you can customize floating cabinets or adjustable shelves to maximize your space. Keep your shelves looking stylish and have them function more efficiently by getting rid of those bulky plastic detergent containers. Glass drink dispensers with a tap are an excellent alternative that will help keep the area neat and clean as well. Store pods and powders in glass mason jars for an attractive storage option.

We hope that these laundry tips will help you to look forward to laundry day. Contact us today so we can help you create the custom laundry room organization system you have always wanted