February is all about celebrating love, so show your home some love with custom organizers and a bit of time dedicated to tidying. Decluttering your home and garage can make your morning routine easier, help you keep track of important paperwork and showcase treasured family heirlooms. Taking a systematic and orderly approach to tackling these big organizing jobs is a great way to accomplish the most in the areas that need it the most. Then you can identify where a custom organizer will be most beneficial to you. From a custom reach-in closet design to a utility closet organization system, we have got you covered. You will be amazed at how much can be done in a weekend!

Our Top Tips

Alright, you decided you are going to dedicate the weekend to organizing your home. Where do you start? In order to maximize your results, start where you spend the most time. You can probably identify this as the space in your home that seems to collect the most stuff. Once you know where to begin you can move onto the next step.
The key here is categories. Get five boxes or bins and assign them each different categories of items:

  1. Items to give away or donate.
  2. Items that belong in another area of your home.
  3. Items to store
  4. Items to throw away or recycle
  5. Items to sell

It is also helpful to make a list of large items that may need to be relocated or removed. Then you can go through each room in your home and begin the organizing process. It can be challenging to decide what to keep or give away. Take a moment to evaluate each item and ask yourself some questions: Have I used this object lately? Will I need it in the future? Does this piece have any sentimental value? Evaluate every object in each room this way; from the art on the wall to the papers hidden away in desk drawers.

The Next Steps

After you have gone through each room in your home, put all the items that are in the “belong in another area” bin in the appropriate place. Set a date to go to your favorite charity to drop off giveaways (or see if they come and pick up donations). If you are planning to sell items online or have a garage sale, put a date on the calendar that you will have your sale or dedicate time to upload postings of your pieces online. Move any large pieces of furniture to their new location in your home or for removal completely. Consider how you will now store the other items you are keeping. Be sure to label your storage containers so you can easily find them later.

Where to Keep the Keepers

It is important to keep things in the most convenient place for your current lifestyle. Try storing items that are used together in the same location. For example, keep all your holiday décor in the same area rather than in a bunch of different spots (our custom garage, reach-in closet or utility closet organizers are great for this). Also, think about what you use most frequently and put those items in the most easily accessible area. That may mean moving items to eye level or to the front of a kitchen cabinet.

Plan for the Future

You have done a lot of work to get your space organized. It is just as important to plan how you will keep it that way. Make sure you have a specific space for every item in your home. This will allow you quickly and easily locate what you need. In order to help your home stay tidy, keep baskets or bins to hold small items that normally clutter countertops or tables (also consider custom organizers for your high traffic spaces). Get the kids involved in organizing and tidying to make it part of the daily routine.
We hope that our suggestions will help you to get a jump start on organizing. Be sure to find your local Organizers Direct dealer to set up your design consultation today!