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Spruce Up Your Pantry For The Holidays

With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to get organized!!  If there is one thing that holidays mean, it’s baking!  In the American culture, there are many things associated with the holidays, but the most common one is food!  If your pantry is looking a little disorganized, it might be a good time to spruce it up and get it organized.  Organizing your pantry will give you a more efficient kitchen, it will help you when you are taking an inventory of what you have on hand, and it will reduce spring cleaning.

Seamlessly Start the Holiday Season

Organizing your pantry can help your cooking and baking in many ways.  It is nice to have your spices in one place, with your baking needs in another.  If you have the time, consider labeling or organizing with racks so that you can see what is in your pantry.  If you know exactly where each ingredient is, it won’t take as long to assemble the ingredients when you are cooking or baking for the holidays.  But why stop at the pantry?  Organizing your dishes is also a great thing to do.  Baking sheets can get worn out as well. It’s frustrating to dig around in the cupboards looking for that 9×13 pan or cookie sheet.  Organizing now will mean less stress later when you are cooking and baking.

Take Inventory

While you are organizing your pantry, consider taking an inventory of what you have on hand. For example if you are making pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, you will want to know if you have the correct spices (clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, or the all-inclusive “pumpkin pie spice”) as well as pumpkin puree, whipping cream, etc. It’s important to take an inventory now before the rush.  Everyone knows that it is a nightmare to go to the store on or very near major holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year’s.  It’s important to plan your festive meals in advance so that you only have to do one big shopping trip before the holidays.

And finally, cleaning out and organizing your pantry is a great way to reduce your spring cleaning! Winter is a time when all of the bugs and rodents are trying to come inside your house.  If you clean and spray now, you will hopefully catch mice and bugs before they settle into your home, or deter them from coming into your home.

If you still aren’t convinced on why you should organize your pantry or cupboards, go look at them right now.  Chances are that at least something is out of place.

Check out our pantry photo gallery to give you ideas on pantry organization!

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