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How to Create the Perfect Home Office

Your custom home office should be a sanctuary that matches your personality in its style of design while adhering to your professional needs when it comes to storage, filing and space. In today’s workplace, virtual offices and remote, telecommuting positions are increasingly popular or even necessary as technology makes offices available and sometimes encouraged in our homes. Your home office space should be perfectly designed to meet and exceed your personal and professional needs.


Organizers Direct is dedicated to managing and designing custom home office spaces that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. The most important factor in creating the perfect home office is the personal touch it takes to create a space where valuable time is spent working, relaxing or entertaining clients during the work week. We believe storage, style and space are the three critical aspects in home office design that will create a certain productive ambiance that is crucial to a workspace.


A home office can be designed specifically for work or create a delicate balance between work and play. We incorporate wall beds, bookshelves, storage options, custom credenzas, extension desks, and file drawers for you to consider when creating a design for a home office. File folders can be used for easy-to-store contracts, paperwork and sensitive documents while an extension desk serves as a visually appealing way to use all the space a room has to offer while providing work-space necessary to navigate through your day. If your home office is a multi-purpose room, consider storage under bookshelves for games, photo albums, sentimental items, blankets, and more. Home office cabinets with custom finishes will provide your room with clean and organized options to keep your home office looking professional.

Our design team at Organizers Direct offer solutions for hiding cords, blending accessories with custom created organizers, adjustable shelving units and soft-close cabinet doors that give your home office a touch of style along with functional purpose. Home office cabinets are perfect for hanging coats, hats, briefcases, and other personal items you might prefer tucked out of site.


Dark wood, crown molding, custom-painted cabinetry, and handpicked accessories are just a few of the options you can work with when designing a home workspace that accurately reflects your personality and professional taste. Choose from a wide range of color schemes, storage options and dark or light finishes that make you feel at ease when you enter your office for the day. A custom home office shouldn’t be stuffy or bare, and you can easily blend the design of the room with the rest of your house to provide ease and flow from one room to the next. Whatever your taste, a home office can be reflected with custom design features that cater to you.


If you have a uniquely shaped room or wish to use your home office in more ways than one, it is important to use space to your advantage. Instead of cramming a desk and chair into a corner of a room, use the space for your personal advantage. Extension tables can serve as a workspace during the day and a homework spot for the kids at night. If you have a room that is oddly shaped, talk to a professional at Organizers Direct for inspiration and execution. Our team is trained to incorporate storage that works for you or install a home closet office organizer to save space and create organized flow within your home office.

Style, storage and space are all crucial aspects to consider in your home office. From complete redesign to a simple fix that adds storage or custom finishes, our team members at Organizers Direct are well versed in design and implementation for your new or existing home office. Contact us today and schedule an appointment to create the home office of your dreams!

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