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His and Hers Closets: How to Bring Harmony to the Design

It can be a challenge to create custom closet organization systems that meet the expectations of both spouses. She might want valet rods to plan her outfits for the next day while he might want a way to organize his ties and belts. Our designers are skilled at listening to your needs and incorporating elements that will benefit everyone – no matter how different your tastes are.

Before You Begin

Before you start a closet redesign, we recommend taking a few steps to help you and your partner stay on the same page throughout the design process.

Step 1: Identify Your Goals

Determine why you want a redesign in the first place. Is your goal to clear clutter and create a clean, streamlined look? Perhaps you want to maximize space or add value to the home. Tell your designer about your specific goals from the beginning of the process, even if you and your partner disagree. You’ll be surprised at just how much we can accommodate in the same design!

Step 2: Collaborate

Sit down with your spouse and have an honest conversation about styles and colors you both like  or don’t like. You might see your partner’s vision for the space and suddenly decide certain colors or elements are actually okay. Suggest your own ideas, consider a few different inspiration photos, and remain open minded. Your designer is likely to have some suggestions you had never considered.

Step 3: Figure Out Finances

Determine your redesign budget before the process begins. Redesigns are often emotionally charged for couples because they involve money. If this part of the process is predetermined, the rest of your design experience will go much more smoothly and you can both breathe easy knowing there are no surprises.

Our Solutions

Organizers Direct has more than 7,000 in-home items to choose from. Our dealers don’t just create smart designs with top quality materials – we offer solutions to problems you may not have realized existed. Our master closet organization systems are the best way to make the most of your space.

Accessory Organizers

We offer velvet lined accessory drawers with space for everything from treasured jewelry and watches to cuff links and heirlooms. Organizers are concealed in their own drawers and can be installed with a lock for extra security. Slide-out tie racks, belt organizers and shoe fences can keep the rest of your outfits organized and ready to wear at a moment’s notice. The best part? These organizers are so discrete we can usually fit them all into the same space at once. Accessory organizers that work for both of you? Now that’s a winning combination!

Laundry Day Assistance

Get a little help this laundry day – no matter whose turn it is to do the wash. Pull-out hampers are a great way to conceal dirty laundry and keep the floors free from clutter during the week. Simply pull the basket out when you’re ready to do laundry and use one of our built-in ironing boards to press your pieces afterward. Both the hamper and ironing board are designed to blend in with your organizational system for a streamlined look everyone can agree on.

Personalized Style

Once you’ve decided on functional elements, bring the design together with a stunning color and design to match the rest of your home. We offer a variety of colors, so you and your spouse can get the look you want with the design you love! Choose from colors such as Antique White, Warm Cognac, Candlelight, and Chocolate Pear to bring out your personal taste. Different styles and design options further customize your closet so you get a look that both of you will love!

Lifetime Warranty

Now here’s something everyone will love: our industry-leading lifetime warranty on all cabinetry. We believe in the quality of our products so much that if any product fails during normal use, we’ll replace it completely free of charge.

While a closet redesign can put your relationship to the test, a recent Houzz survey reported that 41 percent of couples reported higher levels of happiness with their significant other after a remodel. With our professional designers on your side, you can enjoy a stress-free redesign experience and reap all the benefits of an organized master closet with your partner. Locate a dealer near you to learn more about closet organization systems that will make you just as happy as your marriage.

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