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How Our Dealers Identify Your Home’s Organizational Style

Our dealers design each and every home organization system from scratch based on the homeowner’s individual tastes and preferences. With so many different styles, colors and configurations to choose from, we feel pretty confident saying that no two designs will be exactly alike. So, how do we come up with completely unique storage solutions to complement each home? The secret is in the Organizers Direct approach: our dealers put the homeowner first, identifying their unique storage needs and designing a solution to match. We’ve custom-built home organization systems for every lifestyle, including:


The Big Picture

Big picture thinkers are always concerned with the end goal. These are the people who don’t want to waste time applying multiple coats of paint if only one will get the job done just as well. While big picture thinking can be very efficient, sometimes it takes an expert to point out the details that can help take your home up a notch. Desk organizers, slide-out belt and tie racks for the closet, and specialized organizers for your accessories can all have an enormous impact on the way your home functions. You’ll be amazed at the difference the details make!


The Creative Queen

Creativity does not grow out of clean spaces. It can require looms, sewing machines, crochet needles, thread, and lots of tools to get the job done. For craft rooms, we generally recommend fold-out ironing boards to save space and time. Adjustable shelves and custom cabinets can help bring the look together while providing a contained, organized space to store everything you need to create beautiful projects.


The Entertainer

The entertainer loves to think about how the home will flow when guests come over. This person might throw regular cocktail parties, host book clubs or charity events, or they might host the annual holiday gathering for the family. They love to entertain and everything about their home is conducive to hosting large gatherings. Appetizers and finger foods are the heart of any gathering, which is why we offer innovative pantry organization systems. Slide-out wine racks make it easy to serve guests their favorite beverages alongside tasty morsels.


The Busy Bee

This person works from home – and it shows. Whether they teach music lessons from a designated studio or operate out of an executive office in their own section fo the house, their style revolves around efficiency. This person is most likely to use and appreciate new organizational systems.


The One Who’s Never-Home

Life gets busy sometimes, but this person takes it to the next level. Their lives are fun and exciting – and they like it that way! They specialize in “touching base” with friends before running off to the next event in their date book. The house is more of a home base for this person. It’s a place to hang their hat. We usually recommend utilitarian designs for this type of homeowner. Simple, functional storage systems are a great way to combat clutter and keep the home ready whenever they decide it’s time to come back.


No matter what kind of lifestyle you lead, there is a home design that is right for you. Locate a dealer near you today to learn more about your organizational style and get a completely custom home organization system to help you live more efficiently for years to come.

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