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Closing Sales Tip: How to Ask for the Sale

For many salespeople, the biggest challenge they face is closing the sale. However, this step in the sales cycle is by far the most important. Having all the leads in the world means nothing if none of them actually buy your product. While there are many ways to convert a lead to a customer, only one technique has proven successful time and time again. Whether you favor hard-closing tactics or a soft-sell built on positive rapport with your customers, this critical sales closing tip from Organizers Direct will substantially improve your conversion rate.

The Ultimate Tip for Closing More Sales: Ask for the Sale

The best closing technique is to simply ask for the sale. While extremely simple, very few salespeople actually use this tactic. Instead, they make it all the way through the sales cycle without ever asking for the lead’s business. In many cases, a fear of rejection prevents the salesperson from directly asking for the business. Some people may feel that this tactic makes them look desperate or too forward. However, if you have earned the right to ask for the sale, it is proper to do so at the appropriate time in the sales cycle.

How Do I Earn the Right to Ask for the Sale?

Deliver on your promises and follow up on the lead’s questions. Show up for all appointments on time with a professional, helpful attitude. You earn the right to ask for the sale by actively listening to your prospect and focusing on how you can help them buy your product, rather than what you can gain from them. Be persistent and unafraid of rejection. The average sale requires three to five closing attempts before the deal is closed, and many sales representatives give up after only one or two attempts. While it takes care and tact to advance a sale after a lead’s rejection, persistence can pay off. Remember, nobody wants to feel as if they are being sold, but everyone likes to buy.



How Do I Ask for the Sale?

There is a common adage in sales: “He who speaks first loses.” This phrase applies when closing a sale. If you have earned the right to ask for the sale, simply ask and then fall silent. While it will be tempting to fill the silence, you must resist becoming like so many other salespeople who talk themselves into and out of a sale. After all, talking too much can cause you to miss a shift in the buyer’s attitude or bring up an idea the lead had not yet considered, resulting in a sales delay or loss.

There are many ways to ask for the sale and, as you become more practiced, you will find techniques that work best for you. Here are some examples of ways to ask for the sale:

  • Are you ready to move forward?
  • When would you prefer to start?
  • I’m really excited about this project. How can we get started?
  • I can have your custom closet installed next Thursday. Does that work for you?

If you always end a sales conversation by asking for the sale, you can significantly increase your chance of actually closing the deal.

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