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Closet Organizers Can Create More Space

Common Closet Frustrations

It can be frustrating when you have gotten rid of everything you can do without, and still don’t have a place to put everything you have.  Living in a small apartment or condo can make this an even greater challenge.  Here is a trick to finding more space for your things:  Use vertical space.  That means not only using the square footage of your floor space, but also using the square footage of your wall space.  If your floor is already holding as many things as it can hold, take a look at your wall space to see if there is anywhere that you can hang a small decorative cupboard or hooks to hang your purses and jackets. What about the space underneath your couch?  Decorative boxes and stand-alone drawers can sometimes fit in the 6 inches or so of vertical space under couches and beds.

Why To Keep Organized

Keeping things organized isn’t just about the amount of space you have.  It’s about making things accessible for use, and easy to put away.  If you have to tunnel under a mass of clothing hung on a closet rod in order to find a certain pair of shoes, chances are you are not going to go to the trouble of trying to find them.  Another problem with having designated spots that are inaccessible is that people tend to leave things out in the open rather than going to the bother of putting them away.  They subconsciously remember the hassle of both putting them away and trying to find them again the next time they want to use them.  One of the best ways to make more things fit into a closet is to use a closet organizing system.  This can help solve both of these problems.

Common Amenities Re-designed

One favorite feature of closet organizing systems is that you can choose roll-out options for most things.  For instance, a shoe rack on the floor of the closet is sometimes a hassle to use because you have to bend down and put each shoe on a receptacle. Unfortunately, you can’t see the individual receptacles because of the clothing hung on the rod just above it.  As an alternative, consider installing a shoe rack between an upper and lower closet rod, which puts the shoe rack at about hip-height, making it easier to use.  The fact that it is a pull-out rack makes it so you don’t have to fumble through clothing hung on a rod in order to find or put away shoes.  The beauty of closet organizing systems is that you can mix and match components to meet your own needs, in a way that can truly make a difference in the tidiness of your home.

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