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The Best Organization Tips for Your Walk-In Closet

The best way to get the most out your walk-in closet is with a custom designed organization system. Our dealers will take a look at how you use your closet and make suggestions about which features you should include in your next design. After one of our skilled dealers installs your closet system, it’s up to you how you store your belongings, and it’s important that you find a system that works for you. The goal is to cut down the time it takes you to get ready in the morning or before a night out. Follow these tips to learn how to maximize the storage space in your walk-in closet.


Use Levels

The first step is to determine what you actually use. Find the pieces of clothing you love the most and put them front-and-center at eye level when you walk into your closet. Things like winter coats or boots that are only used for a short period of time should be stored up high or tucked away in drawers and brought out only when you need them.


Traditional closets only give you one hanging rod, which can waste a lot of precious storage space. Consider creating different levels in your walk-in closet to maximize the storage space. More hanging room will help divide your clothing into fine-tuned categories so everything has a home.  Try storing shirts and blouses at eye level with pants directly below them. Full-length hanging rods can still be installed in smaller section to store long dresses or coats. This will make your walk-in closet appear uniform and clutter free.


Color Coordination

Not only is this option aesthetically pleasing, it’s extremely functional. The key to having an organized closet (and keeping it that way) is by giving everything a place. We’ve all been in our closet frantically searching for a favorite shirt or a certain pair of shoes with no luck. Creating a color coded system eliminates this problem. You can even get more specific, such as separating tank tops, shirts, and blouses.


Install an Island

Islands aren’t just for the kitchen. An island is a great closet accessory because it creates counter space and drawer storage, which leaves the walls of your closet open for clothes and shoes. Islands also serve as a home for your favorite accessories, like sunglasses and jewelry. Our velveteen lined jewelry trays are the perfect storage solution to store jewelry on because it’s soft and you never have to worry about a clasp catching on the fabric.


Drawer Dividers

Casual clothing and delicate items should be folded and stored in drawers, but that can create a jumbled mess of clothing and leave items lost at the bottom or back of a drawer. This is why closet accessories are a must when it comes to organizing your walk-in closet. Our drawer dividers are designed to fit within our closet systems and encourage organization. No more searching through multiple drawers looking for the perfect sweater.


Whether you’re color coordinating or finding a home for every piece in your jewelry collection, you can benefit from a well-organized walk-in closet. Find a dealer near you to receive a free in-home consultation to transform your walk-in closet.

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