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The Best-Kept Walk-In Closet Organization Secrets

A custom closet system can help streamline your morning routine. Our closet accessories are designed to save precious storage space and create a welcoming and functional environment for you every day. Our closet systems are completely customizable to meet your exact needs. Add any of the following accessories to keep your space organized and working for you.

Cloth-Lined Drawer Dividers pull out drawers

One of our newest accessories is our cloth-lined drawer dividers. Whether you have a multi-purpose drawer or simply want to separate the contents in your drawers, you’ll love them. They come in various sizes, including neutral colors to complement the existing style of your home. Our durable fabric will never snag your clothing – even your most delicate pieces. The dividers can withstand daily use without damage, and are easily removed for cleaning or reorganizing. The dividers are designed to fit in all of our drawers to ensure you have full sight of everything in your closet.


Sliding and Collapsible Accessories

Gone are the days of closet accessories taking up more space than they save. We offer a wide range of pull-out and collapsible closet accessories to give you more storage solutions. Our products have been designed to ensure they are functional and practical for everyday use. Add any of the following features to your master bedroom closet for enhanced usability:

  • Sliding belt rack
  • Sliding tie rack
  • Pull-out pants rack
  • Slide-out swivel mirror


Valet Rods

Valet rods are some of the most understated accessories in a closet. A valet rod can save you the most time when getting ready. Our valet rods are discreet and pull out from your built-in shelves when you need to use them. You can enlist the help of this rod when planning outfits to wear the next day or when you want to set aside an outfit for your next event. A valet rod keeps your clothes off the floor or chair and prevents folds or wrinkling so you can step out of your home feeling and looking your very best.


Laundry Solutions

Laundry can be time consuming, which is why we often put it off for as long as we can. Avoid the headache and put your closet to work for you. Install removable wire or cloth hampers in your walk-in closet. Our tilt-out laundry baskets can help you sort your loads as you go. When you’re ready to wash your clothes, simply remove the hampers and carry them to your laundry room. Our closet systems are designed to make your life easier.


Angled Shoe Shelves

Normal shoe shelves can leave shoes hidden, making it harder to find exactly what you’re looking for. Installing an angled shoe shelf allows you to easily find the exact pair that you’re looking for. Keeping your shoes off the floor to protect them from unnecessary damage.


Custom closets systems are important for walk-in closets, and adding accessories makes it unique to you and your home. Locate a dealer near you to start you walk-in closet transformation.

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