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Ask the Home Organization Systems Designer: Part Three

Every home is unique, and every homeowner has different organizational needs. When it comes to closet makeovers, custom solutions are often the best way to make the space function at its best. In this multi-part series, the custom home organization system designers at Organizers Direct answer some of the most frequently asked questions about remodeling storage spaces in the home.


Organizers Direct supplies many accessories to help organize a closet. From bins and baskets to racks and rods, all types of closets benefit from organization accessories. Here are some of our most common closet accessories:

Sliding Belt Racks: Store and organize all of your belts in style with a durable rack that can be attached to any vertical surface to slide in and out for easy use.

Valet Rods: One of our favorite accessories, a valet rod is like a third hand. Pull out the rod when you need to hang dry cleaning, coordinate an outfit, or pack for a trip, and then slide it back in when you finish. For best results, we usually install at least two in a master closet.

Sliding Tie Racks: A sliding tie organizer is an easy way to keep ties from falling to the ground or becoming wrinkled. These can be attached to any vertical space and slide in and out with ease.

Premium Hanging Rods: We suggest installing one hanging rod 42-inches above the closet floor and another above it at 84-inches above the floor. This design concept essentially doubles the closet’s storage capacity by allowing two rows of clothing to hang on one wall.

Wardrobe Lifts: This handy accessory allows you to create a second tier of wardrobe storage. Simply pull down the rod to hang items high in the closet and maximize vertical space. It easily folds back into place when not in use.

Pull-out Pants Rack: A pants rack is perfect for working professionals who have a large number of slacks that need to be hung. Pants racks slide out for easy access and prevent pants from becoming jumbled. The rods are non-slip to keep pants in place and wrinkle-free.

Shelf Fences and Dividers: Shelf fences keep items on shelves, such as shoes, from toppling off the edge. Dividers, on the other hand, allow for easy separation of sweaters, purses, linens, and other items. Fences and dividers help maintain order and tidiness on each closet shelf.

Pull-out Hampers: One alternative to keeping dirty laundry in plain view is a concealed hamper. Add a removable basket to transport clothes to and from the laundry room with ease. For best results, two or more can be installed into a closet system to make it easy to sort clothes after they are worn.

Basket Wraps: Basket wraps are an easy way to improve the look of wire baskets and make them match the rest of the room’s décor. They easily fasten to cover the front, back and bottom of each basket to complement any closet cabinetry finish.

Jewelry Trays: These offer scratch-resistant storage for delicate jewelry items. Install jewelry organizers to keep necklaces from tangling and bracelets sorted. Jewelry trays can be easily installed in drawers.

Folding Ironing Boards: Instead of doing the ironing in the laundry room, why not consider ironing clothes in the room where they will be hung? If space allows, a swivel or fold-down ironing board can be a great addition to a custom-made closet.

Mirrors: No great closet is complete without a mirror. Mirrors can be mounted on the closet door, on the wall, or even inside a wardrobe door. There are also slide-out mirrors that swivel for a better angle, freestanding mirrors, and mirror cabinets that open to reveal hidden jewelry storage. If there is enough space, a three-way mirror in the corner can be a tasteful and functional addition to a walk-in closet.

The perfect closet is functional, organized and accessorized. From mirrors to ironing boards to valet rods and pull-out hampers, talk with your Organizers Direct closet designer about the right accessories to complement your home organization system.

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