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6 Goals for Successful Entrepreneurs in the Closet and Garage Business


Success is not something that happens overnight. It takes hard work, commitment, perseverance, time, and a special set of skills to make a business succeed.  However, some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world all seem to share something in common besides their years of dedicated hard work: good habits. Here are six tips for success for your custom closet and garage business from Organizers Direct to make into lifelong habits.

Make a Habit to Set SMART Goals 

Research shows that individuals who set specific goals with a plan to attain them are more likely to achieve those goals. You may have heard of SMART goals (if not, read about themhere). Essentially, SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. Set personal and professional goals to meet on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. When you create your goals, be sure to set an action plan in place to efficiently meet them. This allows you to visualize the work ahead of you. When every goal is due, review your progress and revise your action plans as needed.

Make Time for Reflection

As a business owner, your day is full to the brim with tasks that all need to be completed yesterday, and it’s not uncommon for business owners to rush from project to project in a hurry to get everything done. This can only lead to burnout which is one of the most effective productivity killers in the workplace.

Breathe. Set time aside to reflect on your day, every day. For some business owners, a relaxing walk in the park or spending time with family can be a cathartic experience, while others prefer writing in a journal or reading a book. Find something that relaxes you and calms your mind, and make it a habit to indulge in that time for yourself every day.



Never Stop Networking

Nurturing relationships with the people that matter to you and cultivating relationships with new friends and associates is one of the most important habits of successful business owners. Make the effort to attend industry events whenever possible, join relevant groups on LinkedIn, socialize with influential people in your industry, and so on. Always look for opportunities to connect with new people.

Start Before You “Feel” Ready

You will never “feel” ready to start your own business for the first time. There will never be a better time to embrace entrepreneurship. Don’t be so scared of rejection and failure that you miss the opportunity to take the plunge and make something of your own. In The Closet Entrepreneur, our founder Neil Balter gives the best advice on the subject:

You’ll be faced with rejection in every stage of your business, but that’s what business is all about. Rejection is the single most common reason business owners give up. Don’t let rejection do this to you; use your rejection as motivation to get the job done. Many people run at the first sign of adversity. They start a business and when things don’t go right, they give up and go on to something else. You must be tough enough not to take rejection to heart. Don’t be sensitive every time things don’t go your way. Draw upon your self-confidence. You need to be thick-skinned. If you know your company is doing its best by providing good service and products, don’t let rejection intimidate you. Be resilient and handle the rejection in a professional manner.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Always remember that failure is nothing more than an opportunity to learn and grow. Keep your eye on your goals and reflect on any mistakes made to move forward without repeating those same mistakes again in the future. While you need to own your mistakes, you don’t have to beat yourself up.  Move on. Everyone makes mistakes. Nurture a culture of openness, honesty, forgiveness and responsibility in your company by setting a good example, acknowledging the error and responding by moving forward when a mistake has been made. Download this eBook to learn about common mistakes that trap entrepreneurs.

Make Passion Your Motivator

Never forget the reason that you started your own business: the passion for your product or service. Bring your passion to the job every day and it is sure to infect employees and customers alike. You will never forget the excitement of landing your first account or the disappointment when your business has suffered its first setback. Like life itself, business changes on a regular basis, but you must continually make it a point to never let your passion and motivation waver.

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