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3 Benefits of Outsourcing Wood Components

For many years, outsourcing has been a key component for many custom closet and garage designers. Small businesses especially benefit from the ability to produce more goods, reduction in inventory costs and time saved by partnering with a dependable supplier. Here are three other benefits of outsourcing wood components for your home organization business.

Staying Current With Design Trends

Suppliers typically invest in a variety of product styles and colors, allowing them to diversify their catalog as styles evolve. They also have the industry knowledge and experience, as well as the tools and necessary supplies, to accommodate a wide range of customers. Building a solid vendor relationship with a quality supplier can take the burden of staying current with design trends off of the small business owner and allow them to focus on growing their business. Many components also require specific equipment to manufacture; outsourcing removes the cost of investing in such machines and the training and manpower to operate them.

Improved Lead Times
Outsourcing closet and garage components allows small businesses to complete entire projects on time without detracting from other aspects of the business, such as designing and selling projects. Suppliers understand timelines and dedicate all of their resources to filling orders, completing manufacturing more quickly and efficiently. Outsourcing frees time and labor, allowing you to focus on building your brand and serving other customers.

For example, most of Organizers Direct cabinet products are manufactured in North America. Due to our strategic facility locations and state-of-the-art construction processes, ninety percent of our orders ship in one week. This allows you to complete more projects in shorter amounts of time. In addition, the outsourced products are guaranteed to be ready to use because the component manufacturer has already completed all the necessary research, development and product testing. In short, by leaving the manufacturing process to the supplier, you can complete jobs more quickly while saving time and generating less waste.

Marketing Assistance and Tools

Strategic partnerships with trusted suppliers have more to offer than just faster, more efficient and affordable manufacturing. From customizable collateral materials and downloadable product image files to social media how-to guides and advertising templates, the best suppliers provided everything needed to effectively market products. For example, Organizers Direct provides a full suite of sales, advertising, public relations and marketing materials to every dealer. Print materials and resources, including customizable collateral, press releases and product photography, are available online 24/7. Organizers Direct frequently updates Dealer resources — keeping offerings fresh and unique to help small businesses stay a step ahead of the competition.

At Organizers Direct, we are passionate about providing superior customer service and the highest quality products. Our team’s genuine commitment to our network of independent dealerships is evident in everything we do. From our extensive training program to our business development and marketing resources, we are dedicated to providing personal support and effective tools to help our dealers succeed.

Whether you are looking for a new business opportunity in the expanding, profitable market of home organization or you are currently in the industry and looking for a new supplier, we invite you to see what Organizers Direct has to offer.

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