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10 Ways Your Home Can Help You Achieve Every New Year’s Resolution

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The New Year is a time to recreate yourself and change your life for the better. Many of us will write resolutions to ensure that we follow through with our goals in 2017, but did you know that your home can actually play a large role in the success of your resolutions? Whether your goals include custom home projects, closet organizers and pantry systems or simply finding more time in your schedule, we have highlighted a few solutions you can use to get what you want this year.


Resolution: Be More Productive at Work

Our Fix: One of the biggest obstacles on the path to greater professional achievement is a disorganized office (or worse: no office at all). Based on your industry, your ideal office might have sturdy shelves for reference materials, a large drafting table or even cord management for paperless offices. You can get executive quality home office solutions that rival even the nicest corner offices at work.


Resolution: Get Healthy

Our Fix: The biggest snacking temptations for us lie in the pantry. Whether your weakness is potato chips, chocolate bars, Cheetos, or mini donuts, our best solution is to make your unhealthy fixations as inconvenient as possible. Arrange your pantry so junk food is on the very top shelf. Place nutritious food like cashews and fruit at eye-level so it is easier to access. This will help you build healthy habits that can last for years to come.


Resolution: Quit Smoking

Our Fix: Air quality is a major concern in urban areas, and the EPA has listed indoor air quality as an area of great concern due to high levels of pollutants like dust, mold, pollen, and viruses. In addition to kicking the nicotine habit, we recommend air purifying plants that naturally scrub your environment of contaminants. Maintain your HVAC system and change your filters on a regular basis to promote proper air flow throughout the house. You’ll be breathing easy in no time!


Resolution: Enjoy More “Me” Time

Our Fix: Keep a calendar and find your happy medium. If you know you need one full day each week to unwind, mark it with red pen and don’t let anything (or anyone) infringe on that time. While you’re at it, make your “me” time count! Treat yourself to some hot chocolate and curl up with a good book in a sunny window seat. Many window seats have benches with additional storage underneath the seat. Use this space to keep meditation cushions, yoga mats and scented candles close at hand. After all, there’s no time like the present. . .to be present.


Resolution: Spend More Time with Friends

Our Fix: It’s fun to invite friends over when you’re proud of your home. Shoe organizers by the front door help create a good first impression.


Resolution: Save Money

Our Fix: The U.S. Census Bureau estimates average home improvement expenditures at $3,300 per year. This could include anything from fixing a leaky roof to upgrading your home storage system. Plan for your year’s expenses and incorporate them into your budget now to prevent overspending later. We recommend investing in high quality home fixtures because they usually offer more use (and smaller cost in the long run). Keep your financial goals in mind to avoid impulsive splurges on unnecessary items.


Resolution: Maintain a Clean House

Our Fix: The cause of clutter is a combination of many things. Usually it comes down to lack of time, patience or proper storage facilities. It’s hard to put something away if it doesn’t have a spot to begin with. Whether you opt for custom closet organizers or a state-of-the-art mail system for the foyer, make sure you have a place for everything so it’s easy to put everything in its place.


Resolution: Get Rid of the Clutter

Our Fix: It’s always a good idea to donate what you no longer need in the home. Go through each room in the house and make three piles: keep, donate and trash. As you go through your belongings, think about what you really use on a regular basis. Anything that does not serve a purpose has to go.


Resolution: Go Back to School

Our Fix: Education is critical not just to our personal development but also to professional success. If your 2017 goals include working toward another degree, consider improving your home office area to promote better study habits. Make sure your office is secluded enough to avoid distraction and organized so you can find your notes when it’s time to study for midterms. If you have lots of papers, consider a file drawer to keep everything in one spot.


Resolution: Go Green

Our Fix: There are a lot of ways to “green” your home no matter what the weather is outside. Make sure your home has energy efficient appliances, such as those approved by Energy Star. Plant shade trees to keep cooling costs down in the summer and consider using UV protected window tints to keep the temperature in your home stable. Make sure all attic, garage and outward-facing areas of your home are insulated and sealed with caulk. Not only will you save money, but your home will be more comfortable, too!


Achieve all your New Year’s goals this year with a home that is designed for success. Contact an Organizers Direct dealer near you today and claim your free in-home consultation to get started.

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