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10 Tips to Increase Home Value for Resale

Many homeowners choose professional design services not for themselves, but for resale purposes. They know it pays to have a spacious, organized home that makes them stand out from other similarly-sized homes on the market. We checked in with our designers and discovered ten of the best investments a homeowner can make to boost their house’s resale value – and make it a pleasant place to live in the meantime.

1. Create Space

You don’t have to have a large house to make your rooms feel spacious. Avoid overstuffing small rooms with large sofas and oversized furniture. Instead, opt for streamlined pieces and modern designs with clean lines. The right furniture can help keep potential buyers’ focus on the structure of the home itself and make a room feel much larger than it actually is.

2. Upgraded Closets

The master bedroom is a big selling point for prospective buyers. A custom closet organization system helps keep your closet tidy and adds significant value to the home overall. Consider adding similar design upgrades to smaller reach-in closets throughout the house.

3. Extra Storage

Additional storage space often correlates with higher home value. Add adjustable shelves to create more usable space in utility closets and under-stair areas. Pay special attention to kitchen storage spaces such as pantries. Spice racks, corner storage and accessibility all make a difference during the selling process.

4. Paint

We recommend lighter hues and neutral colors to help future buyers imagine themselves living in the property. Popular shades include soft yellows and seafoam greens, which are easy to pair with other neutral shaded furniture and do not detract from the overall structure of the home. Consider adding additional lighting to help brighten your spaces without a remodel.

5. Update Flooring 

Replace worn rugs and old laminate throughout the house. Start by replacing the flooring that looks the worst and move to other rooms in the home as your budget allows. There are many modern flooring options for homeowners to consider, including stamped cement, hardwood or a unique tile pattern.

6. Upgraded Appliances

Appliances can be costly, but with the right energy efficient options, you could save a great deal of money, too. If you budget allows, we recommend starting with the water heater and moving on to kitchen appliances. Even something as simple as a reverse osmosis water filtration system can entice buyers, plus it gives you clean, clear water right from the tap – no more bottled water!

7. Energy Efficiency 

Get a free energy audit from your local utility company to spot blind spots in your home’s energy use. Ceiling fans can help regulate your home’s temperature year-round while energy efficient HVAC systems can help reduce electric bills. Many people say shade trees have helped them reduce their home energy use when planted in the right places.

8. Garage Storage

The garage is a commonly forgotten area that can really make an impact on your home’s overall cleanliness. Finish your garage floors with a quality epoxy coating and invest in custom garage cabinet organizers with sturdy shelves. Get rid of what you don’t need and store the rest in airtight containers so they will be out of the way and easy to find at a later time.

9. Curb Appeal

Low-maintenance landscaping is a big draw. Choose plants that are native to your region or drought tolerant. This will help save on water and improves your home’s “green” factor. Xeriscaping is a trendy new concept that offers guidelines for water-friendly landscaping.

10. Bring the Outside In

If you’re going to remodel, consider adding French or sliding glass doors that lead out into your backyard and allow sunlight to pour into the home. This easy remodel idea does more than just add natural light to your existing space. It offers easy access to the yard, so entry into your home is a breeze. Modern doors are energy efficient and should not impact your home energy bills.

There are endless ways to increase your home’s resale value and maximize your usable space. With just a few of the listed items, you can help improve the look and function of your home while making it more marketable for future resale. Are you ready to upgrade your home? Contact your local Organizers Direct Dealer and discover the possibilities a professional home designer can offer.

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