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10 Steps to Break Back Into the Business World

Breaking back into the business world can be tricky – especially if you’ve had several years away from the workforce. Women in particular are currently dropping out of the workforce in staggering numbers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of women looking for work has declined since its peak in 1999. This is not due to lack of drive or desire to work; it’s a response to rigid work schedules and rising childcare costs that do not accommodate parents’ busy lifestyles. According to a New York Times/CBS News/Kaiser Family Foundation poll of nonworking adults between the ages of 25 and 54, 61 percent of women and 37 percent of men cited family responsibilities as the reason they were unable to work.


Fortunately, there are some steps you can take right now to get a career you will love that not only offers a flexible schedule, but also provides you with the tools you need to succeed. The key lies in starting your own business tailored to fit your schedule. Get everything you need to become an entrepreneur and reboot your career with these tips:


  • Capitalize on Your Skillset

You probably have a pretty good idea of your capabilities. Maybe you love people and want the opportunity to engage with customers all day long. You might have great planning skills which could be used to create exactly what your clients want. You might even prefer to work with financials and crunch numbers during the day. All of these skills can be monetized.


  • Pursue Your Passion

Now is the time to follow your dreams. Think about things you have always wanted to do and brainstorm ways to make them come to life. Make a list of pros and cons for each idea so you can evaluate which are likely to become profitable business ideas. Becoming an entrepreneur is a great way to blaze your own trail to infamy.


  • Decide on Details

Would you like to rent an office space or work from home? Are you able to handle a full-time schedule or would you prefer to hire an assistant to help with the workload? Consider what a typical day will look like so you can make plans that are in line with your needs. As a business owner, you are the boss! All the big decisions are up to you.


  • Stand Out from the Crowd

Why should your customers come to you instead of a competitor? What kind of value can you offer that others can’t? Everyone says they offer “better” service, so you will need to come up with some very real benefits to offer. Many customers appreciate a warranty program. Others prefer one-stop shopping so they can get all the services they need from one vendor. Investing in new technology that the competition doesn’t have could also give you an edge. There are endless ways to stand out! Pick one that makes financial and logistical sense for you.


  • Create Your Own Opportunities

Invest in a dealer network that will provide you with all the support you need to be successful. For example, Organizers Direct is a custom closet company that offers a competitive freight program, design and inventory management tools, and marketing materials required to get your brand off the ground quickly. Many dealer networks also back their products with a warranty, which many entrepreneurs acting independently aren’t able to offer when they first start a business.


  • Fearlessly Try New Things

It’s okay to make a career change – even if your dreams lead to you to a new industry you have never been involved with before. Look for industry associations or dealer networks where you can get free training to become an expert in your field.


  • Embrace Your Past

Employment gaps are nothing to be ashamed of. Instead of focusing on your time away from the workforce, fill that space in with volunteer work, part-time jobs and classes you took. These help supplement your resume with a rich set of skills. Time away from an industry can actually help you gain perspective so that when you come back, you are ready to start fresh. Update your LinkedIn profile honestly and share your enthusiasm for your new business relentlessly. Your success will speak for itself.


  • Go Digital

The best way to share the news about your new business it to take it online! Set up a website (or take advantage of resources offered by your dealer network) and create social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all popular right now and should be updated on a regular basis to help your customers feel engaged and connected with your company. Consider live streaming a video of yourself giving demos or explaining a popular topic so clients can tune in and get some face time with you. The Digital Age is all about making things personal.


  • Invest in People

Hire a team you can trust to help with your business. Whether that means finding a stellar accountant, an assistant who knows your life inside and out, or getting a professional to help with your taxes every spring, it’s important to know you have people on your side. The more people are invested in your business, the more it will grow.


  • Look to the Future

Constantly look for new and innovative ways to improve. Partnerships, networking and speaking engagements all hold lots of potential to grow your business. Similarly, new technology could hold the key to solving problems you have been struggling with for years. Be open to new ideas. When in doubt, give it a try and see what happens.


Your career is more than just something to do during the day – it’s an investment in yourself. By promoting your business, you are building a legacy that will last for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about getting started with the Organizers Direct dealer network and get a whole new career you will love!

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