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10 Brilliant Ways to Grow Your Home-Based Business

Owning a home-based business doesn’t mean that you have think small; in fact, this type of business offers unlimited opportunities for growth! However, there isn’t just one trick that will automatically make your business grow. Here are our tips to help you take your business to the next level.


Narrow your Focus

When you first begin your home-based organization business, you might be overwhelmed by the opportunities available to you. Instead of chasing everything that comes your way, focus on just one or two products and promote them heavily. This is generally less risky and more profitable than trying to be a “jack of all trades.” Once you have a solid foundation, you will have the option to expand into complementary products and services.


Focus on Your Fans

It is always more expensive to find new customers than it is to keep your current ones. Focus heavily on sales to people who have already expressed an interest in your product or customers who have purchased from you in the past. Not only are they already familiar with your product line, but they are comfortable with you and are more likely to purchase from someone they trust.



It’s tough to separate your personal life from your professional commitment when you run a home-based business, but there are ways to make it easier. Hire another designer or an administrative assistance to help with the workload and delegate as necessary to help reclaim your work-life balance. Many of our dealers find this is a great opportunity to get the family involved in kickstarting their family-owned business.


Get Social

If you don’t have one already, get a quality, SEO-optimized website so Google can find – and  feature – your business in their suggested search results. Be sure to update your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus accounts regularly to show customers that you are accessible and invested in your business. This is also a great way to keep customers updated with regards to your normal business hours and modified holiday hours.


Follow the Market

If business has slowed down, consider that the market may have shifted. While most of your customers in the past might have been Baby Boomers who are long-time homeowners, the future of your business might rely instead on Millennials living in condominiums or who have only just purchased their first home. This could dictate your marketing strategy and how you go about finding new business, so pay close attention to these trends.


Embrace Your Expertise

Experts market their knowledge by sending out e-newsletters, speaking publicly and teaching classes. Turn yourself into a personal brand that complements your home-based business and take advantage of all the opportunities that come your way. Practice saying “yes” to as much as possible without overextending your schedule.


Consider Expansion

Just because you are primarily home-based at the moment doesn’t mean you can’t consider the possibliity of expanding to a storefront in the future or servicing a new city close to your current territory. Consider the benefits you might get from new sales versus the cost of expansion. You might be surprised at how profitable it is!


Manage Cash Flow

Sales are great, but it’s also important to consider the costs of doing business. Create a business plan that includes all streams of financial inflow and outflow, along with a plan for future earnings and investments. Pay attention to details, file taxes on time, and make sure you always leave some “padding” in case of emergency.


Have a Plan

While we’re on the topic, a business plan is a great way to chart the direction of your company. This is a the place to document your business mission, pricing strategy, marketing plan, and even plan for obstacles common to your industry. Your business plan does not have to be long, but it does help to make it as thorough as possible.


Thank Your Clientele

While you might write a thank you note to show your appreciation for someone in your personal life, there are a variety of ways to express gratitude for your customers. You could give them hand-signed cards after a job or offer a discount code to use on their next purchase. Some business owners offer rewards for customers who leave positive reviews on their social media accounts or provide incentives for clients to refer a friend. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to interact with your customers in a positive way after completion of a job.


When you embrace the full potential of your home-based organizing business, you open doors to a life that is profitable, fulfilling and rewarding. Don’t pass up the chance to change your life. Take charge and learn more about becoming a dealer today.

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